Charter of Demand for NCWA-IX

Camp House No-3

Bhabani Enclave

C.D.A, Sector-6

Abhinaba Bidanasi





The Chairman

Coal India Limited

10, Netaji Subhas Road


West Bengal


Subject: Charter of Demand for NCWA-IX.


Dear Sir,

Hind Khadan Mazdoor Federation (HMS) is submitting the following charter of Demand of Coal Workers of whole of India for immediate negotiated settlement & to be covered under NATIONAL COAL WAGE AGREEMENT-IX. These demands are not exhaustive and subject to addition, alteration and amendments.


Thanking you, Sincerely Yours



(Rajendro Prasad Singha)





01. The National Coal wage Agreement IX will be effective from 1 st July 2010 for

five years.

02. The NCWA-IX shall cover and binding for all categories of employers in the

Coal Industry all over the Country irrespective of employers.

03. The NCWA-IX will be binding not only on Coal India and its subsidiaries and

singarani Collieries Ltd. but also TISCO, SAIL, integrated Coal mining Limited, Bengal Emta Coal mining Pvt.Ltd, Jindal Steel Power Limited and all other Private and captive mines/establishments and all contractors.

04. The Management running the Collieries and washerise if don’t sign NCWA-IX: all such collieries/washerise, etc. must be taken back by the Government/Coal India Limited.


A) Some promise like 10,000/- advance for purchasing two wheelers, rounding of two decimal at the time of fitment or not forming the Production & Productivity or Sports or incentive committees at subsidiaries has not fulfilled. It has caused some unwarranted associations on credibility of mutually signed agreements.

B) The anonymous recommendations to government of India as per NCWA II chapter III was not perused for abolition of Attendance Bonus and it led to losses towards gratuity etc.

C) Similarly indecision on the SLU, SLI, SLP, Uniform Increment date or no effect of promotions on the increment date has also degraded the credibility of the promising authority & the negotiating agents i.e. unions.

D) The SPRA for piece rated employees was not calculated on GROUP WAGE SPRA since introduction of % base increment. The new format circulated has shown a part of accumulated SPRA as Minimum Guaranteed Benefit & billed separately.

E) The omission of the scales of pay in NCWA –VII, was not part of negotiation or agreement. It was unilaterally decided to not to frame scales after agreement. This had proved a grate de-motivating factor, In case of promotions, a category -1 workers if directly promoted to T&S grade “C” as Assistant Foreman or mining Sirdar etc even then she or he will get one additional increment only in her/his present scales. The avoidance of job of responsibility is being observed amongst workers. The above background are deeply linked with the production, productivity industrial harmony and defining relations with workers & managements & workers & union too.

F) Many issues not implemented due to being undecided & pending since long before the sub committees shall also be addressed by the J B C C I for NCWA-IX for settling the long pending grievances etc.


All the non-implemented clauses of NCWA-V,Vi & VII should be implemented with retrospective effect including the following.

3.6.0 (Mechanized Face Crew/Multiskilled job).

3.7.0 (Piece rated Trammers).

3.11.1 (Minimum Guaranteed Benefit of piece rated workers).

10.1.7 (Town Administration).

10.2.1 (Water Supply).

10.3.1 (Medical Facilities).

10.3.2 (Ayurvedic System of Treatment).

10.7.1 (Canteen).

8.12 (Of NCWA-IV Community Centre).

10.9.0 (Holiday Home/Rehabilitation Centre).

11.2.0 (Committee to be constituted at cach company which monitor production, productivity,

efficiency and industrial harmony).

12.3.0 (Contract Labour).

12.5.0 (Anomaly in Grade/Scale).

12.6.2 (Anomaly in the fitment of SLU upgradation).

12.6.3 (Medical facilities to retired employees).

12.7.0 (T.A.D.A, & Dress Manual).

12.8.0 (Modalities for promotions).

12.10.0 (Finalization within three months by Standardization Committee ).

13.4.2 (Committee on Incentive Scheme).

13.5.0 (Review of Functioning of Sub-committee).


Minimum Basic wages of Coal workers should be based on need based wages as recommended by 15 th Indian Labour Conference amounting to Rs 33000/- Basic per month with effect from 1 st July 2011 alongwith 100% neutralization of D.A on 1 st July 2011.

08. Minimum rate of annual increment should be @ 5% of the Basic.

09. Wages of all workers including piece rated workers should be enhanced proportionately with the minimum Basic wages suggested above with higher grade and scale of pay.

10. Attendance Related pay:- From NCWA-1 to NCWA V agreements, components of wage were Basic+attendance Bonus+SDA+FDA+VDA. Since VI FDA was merged in wages. In NCWA-II chapter 3 the J.B.C.C.I. already recommended the abolition of attendance Bonus. Therefore the Attendance Bonus should be replaced as attendance Related pay and should be treated as a component of wages for all proposes as it was uptill NCWA-V.

11. Quarterly Bonus should be treated as Basic for all purposes.

12. Service weightage:- For every three years of service one increment/SPRA should be paid to all employees irrespective of grade, category, group, etc, upto maximum to such increments without any limit.


13. All workers including piece rated workers should be given time bound promotion in higher category/grade/group, etc., after every four year of service irrespective of any conditions.

14. For those new entrance having School final/Matriculation or Higher Qualification should be engaged in such jobs by which they will have Career Growth and Promotion Avcnuc including the H.E.M.M.

15. All workers should be promoted only on seniority basis and the condition of merit-cum-seniority must end which is creating unfair practice and discrimination.

16. (A) Promotional Channel for excavation workers unanimously recommended by the Sub-committee headed by Dr.S.S.Ray the then D(P), CCL/ECL must be accepted and implemented which recommended for yearly promotion.

(B) Cadre scheme should be formulated for multi skilled workers (MSW) & promotional chanel should be formulated for the Linemen & Telecommunication workers over grade ‘C’.

(C) Supervisor posts should be created for each type of excavation machinery with higher grade & pay. It should be filled up from among the operators on seniority Basic.

17. The date of annual increment of the employee should continue irrespective of promotion.

18. Whenever a worker will be entitled to get 2 nd S.L.U as per N.C.W.E should automatically be promoted to the post/grade/category in to which he/she is entitled to 2 nd S.L.U irrespective of any vacancy.

19. Instead of fall back wages piece rated workers should be paid average wages of proceeding month taking into actual attendance,

20. Piece rated workers working in face or any other place in difficult working condition such as higher gradient, water place, humidity or gas, dust, etc., 25% of work load should be reduced for such workers.

21. For work in excess of the prescribed work load, piece rated workers including wagon loaders should be paid one and half time higher wage of prorate increases in Basic+Da., SDA under Ground Allowance and other entitled benefit.

22. In case a piece rated worker is converted/engaged in time rated job by the managements or on the requests of the workmen wage of the concerned workmen should be average Basic of six months of his earlier piece rate job + all his SPRA.

23. SPRA of all piece rated workmen should be increased proportionately like time rated and monthly rated workers.

24. Work load for loaders/miners of Maharastra and Madhya Pradesh should be the same like West Bengal, Jharkhand, i.e., 81 cft.

25. The work load for wagon loaders should be 100 cft. As the present work load is much discriminatory.

26. The piece rated workers including loaders/miners/trammers and others after completion of five years of service in piece rated work. If workmen applies for time rated jobs, he should be converted to time rated job with full protection of wages.


28. In view of introduction of new machineries and higher Technology Wages Structure, Promotion Scheme, job Description, etc., both for under ground and open cast project should be re-cast for all type of workers.

29. Mechanised face crew and workers engaged for all men, all jobs and maintenance staff should be placed in Technical and supervisory Grade ‘A’ and ‘B’ only.

30. If any piece rated worker is asked to perform any extra job either for Safety/Production besides his normal duty in the same shift, he should be paid 25% extra of his Basic Group Wage.

31. The workmen who is incapable of doing his original job either in time rate or in piece rate be given alternative light hob with protection of wages.

32. As per 1.1 No 32 dated 22-01-2002 issued by Coal India Ltd., hardly 30% I.T.I Certificate holders were placed in higher grade/category and rest deprived. So those I.T.I Certificate holders completed three years of service in any category should by promoted to higher category/grade.

The operator operating higher capacity heavy dumpers, dosers, sovels,etc., should be given higher grade and till their promotion they should be paid deference of wages/officiating allowances.

33. The post of Senior Cook and Chief Cook should be created along with their Cadre Scheme.


34. In respect of piece rated workers for whom no specific work load and group wages has been fixed, their work load and group should be fixed before signing the agreement and if it is not possible, such workers should be converted to time rate with protection of wage.

35. The load rate for miners and loaders should be increased by 15% over the existing rate. The payment for load should start after 10 feet.

36. Lift from face to loading point, if gradient is steep, measurement for lift should be made and payment shall be made for lift which is being deprived at present (if the gradient from face to loading point is 1 in 5 then according to present practice up to 50 feet, nothing is payable but if it is more than 50 feet, then miners are entitled to lead).

37. The payment for lift should be made after 5 feets (as per point No-43 of N.CW.A.-VI).

38. The rate of lift is at present mistakingly is almost equal to lead rate. The payment rate for lift should be increased by at least 300%.

39. Empty Tub Pushing Empty Tub pushing rate should be the same as that of lead and it should be treated as Basic for all purpose.

40. Further, for pushing the rate should be more if the gradient is steep.

41. The work load of such loaders/miners who are required to dress the face after blasting should be designated as Loader-cum-Dresser/Drill Coal Miner and their work load should be fixed at 61 cft. The allowance paid for Dressing should be treated as Basic for all purposes everywhere with retrospective effects.

42. PERQUISITES: 50% of the Basic pay should be paid to the workers towards perquisites through flexible packages applying cafeteria approach as it is decided for the P.S.U executives. This shall not include the existing condition specific/related allowances such as washing allowance, Night shift allowance, additional Transport subsidy, House rent, Conveyance reimburse ment, Under ground allowances, Thin seam allowance, Coal field allowance and Camp allowance etc.


The credit of better performance i.e. better production better productivity and more profit should not go only to the executive. Therefore P.R.P should also be introduced for the non executive employees which should not be less than 25% of the profit of Coal India Limited & should be suitable distributed among the workers.


Lead and Lift rate for all piece rated workers should be the same as that of miners.


Under Ground Allowance should be paid @3% of the revised Basic Wages without any deduction or ceiling.

46. In case of Assam Coalfields, the amount on Under Ground Allowance should be @35% or the revised Basic Wage without any deduction or ceiling.

47. The Under Ground Allowance should be treated as wage for all purposes including Annual Bonus/Ex-gratia/Gratuity, etc.


Difficulty Allowance should be paid @5% of revised Basic wages to those workers, who are working at the face where the condition of the face is watery, gassy, heat, humidity, etc.


This should be revised upward for all piece rated, time rated and monthly rated workers working in face.

50. Seam of 01 meter to 1.5 meter thickness, 15% of the revised Basic Wage for Busket Loading and 10% of revised Basic for shoveling on the Conveyor should be paid.

51. For working in same seam i.e. 01 meter to 1.5 meter other piece rated and time rated workers including monthly rated workers should be paid @10% of the revised Basic.

52. Seam below 01 meter-20% of Revised Basic wage for Busket loading and 15% for shoveling Time rated, monthly rated and other workers should be paid.

53. 10% of the Revised Basic Wage per Tub, extra as Basic should be paid for picking coal from accumulated water and loading into tubs irrespective of measurement of water.

54. Similarly 10% of the Revised Basic Wage per work load and./or proportionately extra should be paid to wagon loaders for picking and loading coal mixed with water and mud, etc., and during rain.

55. for breaking the lumpy coal or stone coming from OCO/U.G Mine the wagon loaders should be paid 10% extra of revised Basic earned on the day.

56. Where traveling over steep gradients exceeds 200 meters and the average gradient is an excess of 01 in 05 an allowance of Rs.5/- per shift should be paid to each of the workers working in such a mine or district of section. If the distance exceeds 500 meters, the allowance shall be Rs.10/- per workers per shift.

57. DUST ALLOWANCE : As Dust misk is not being supplied in violation of N.C.W.A-lll to VI workers exposed to dust must be paid Rs.50/- per workers per shift, along with Guda and Banana.

58. UNIFORM: All workers working in mines underground or OCP Surface must be provided with suitable uniforms two pairs twice in a year.

59. All workers should be provided with 02 nos. of Double Mosquito Net per year.

60. Those open Cast workers and surface workers required to work in Rain should be supplied with Rain Coat with Cap and Gum Boots and this includes pit.

61. Employees who will be provided with uniforms by the managements should be paid Washing Allowance @Rs.250/- per month per head.

62. In case of Nursing Staff the amount of Washing Allowance should be paid @Rs.300/- per month per head.

63. News paper Allowances to each every workers @Rs.100/- per month.

64. TRANSPORT SUBSIDY: Transport subsidy be paid Rs.100/- per attendance without any condition.

65. On transfer if workers are transported in management’s vehicle to new place of work, they should also be paid transport subsidy.

66. The Non executive who will reach the minimum basic of Executive cadres should be paid Car/Motor Cycle Allowance as per Executive Cadres rate.

67. Those workers who attend duty by their own Motor Cycle or Scooter be paid @Rs.50/- per day.


Additional Transport subsidy/Night Shift Allowance should be paid Rs.100/- per day for both 2 nd shift and shift.


House rent allowance should be paid @25% of the maximum revised Basic Wage of highest grade/category.

70. Except Standard Quarters under Housing Scheme for all other Quarters including Arch Type, Hutment etc., irrespective of any condition must be paid House Rent allowance individually.

71. House Rent should be paid for full month irrespective of attendance.


House Building Loan should be extended up to Rs.7 lakhs and rate of interest should be reduced to 4% like N.T.P.C & NALCO.

73. In urban areas, House Rent Allowance should be paid to all employees at the same rate of Central Government employees.

74. City Compensatory Allowance should be paid as per with Central Government employees without any ceiling and should cover all Municipal area.

75. Hill mine allowance should be paid to all workers working in Hill area @ 15% of Basic.


Charge allowance should be paid to winding Engine Operators, Boiler Fireman pump Operators, Haulage operators, Electricians Fitters, Telephone Operators, security Guards and other who are required to take over and hand over charge must be paid uniform rate.

77. all under ground workers should be supplied Toilet soap at 4 big pieces per month or price of it with particular weightage to face workers and O.C.P workers working.


Annual Leave with wages should be 01 (one) day for every 11 (eleven) days of work in surface and 01 day for every 08 days of work in underground.

79. Accumulation of Earned Leave/Annual Leave with wages should be 240 days. This earn leave if not enjoyed earlier, can be encashed fully or as per desire of the workman at any time. Accumulated Causal Leave should be converted to earn leave as earlier.


The Sick Leave should be increased to 30 days on full wage and 60 days on half wage.

81. Sick Leave with full wage should be accumulated up to 180 days and 360 days on half wages.

82. Employees suffering from T.B Cancer, Leprosy, Paralysis, Mental Disease, eye vision Heart Disease, Asthma kindly and other disease which requires prolonged treatment should be paid full wage up to his full recovery. Workers should be paid paternity leave wages for at least 15days before or after delivery by wife, as may be required.


An employee should be entitled to 20 days Causal Leave with full wages and 40 days on half wage in a year and underground workers should be given special consideration.

84. Besides, Four National Holidays workers should be allowed 18 Festival Holidays with full wages including Bohag and Magh Bihu in Assam.

85. Employees/workers already enjoying better leaves facilities including Festival Holidays shall continue to enjoy the same.

86. R.R.F/L.T.C & L.L.T.C BENEFIT :

The workers should be allowed to get leave Travel concession in lieu of R.R.F each way to home or to any place in India, twice in four vears. Minimum 3 A/C for those who are entitled for First Class.

87. For L.T.C and L.L.T.C the class of entitlement should be on the same amount of R.R.F and not on higher amount.

88. In respect of Lang Travel Concession, the existing distane should be increased to any part of India and return journey.

89. The maximum number of unity that can avail of the above benefit should be 06 adults.


House of standard design could not be constructed on various excuses as agreed to in N.C.W.A-III as agreed to in N.C.W.A-III, IV, V, but violated. In many places, the standard houses have been either demolished/rendered unfit for habitation and no alternate arrangement has been made. Due to this the statistic satisfaction on house given by the management has become untrue. This back log shall have to be completed within specific period.

91. All Standard houses must be fitted with electricity ceiling fan and running tap of filtered water for drinking purposes and in each room washing purposes, etc., separately. Quantity and size of the rooms should be enhanced and as far possible modal should be throughout the country.

92. All needy workers should be given standard quarters as per recommendation of welfare Sub-Committee of B.C.C.I During this period of Agreement all efforts should be made to give satisfaction of standard house to 10% of the work force positively as the manpower is gradually decreasing.

93. Ceiling should be made under the roof of all Asbestos Sheet Quarters which is harmful for the health as per I.L.C decision and all Quarters should have all side wall compound.

94. All old and new Quarters should be thoroughly repaired with doors, windows, etc., for a guaranteed period. Presently done is nothing, but eye wash.


All Standard houses must be fitted with running tap separately for filtered water @15 gallons per person per day (which is in violation of N.C.W.A-VI) and raw water should be supplied for washing purposes, etc.

96. Filtered drinking water supply also be made to workers residing in Hutment/Arch type Quarters/one room Quarters etc.

97. Sanitation in workers colonies and surrounding are bed and filthy. There is no proper drainage system. There are almost no sweeper, even if any, they are engaged in office, officers Colony only. Proper draining should be constructed and sweepers should be appointed in adequate number to keep the drains in Colony cleaned everyday. In front of workers Quarters Dust Bins should be kept and be regularly cleaned. The numbers of sweepers should be maintain in proportion to the number of Quarters. Norms for such proportion should be decided.

98. Any service latrine in existence in any colliery should immediately be removed and safety latrines be constructed in its place with proper drainage arrangement/Soaping pit.

99. Workers should be provided with Gas Oven and least two Cylinders in a month should be provided free of cost instead of supply of domestic fuel coal/ Where it is not possible immediately smokeless fual coal should be supplied income Tax should not be charged.


Arangement to construct Hospital bed in ratio of 01 to 100 workmen has not been fulfilled. It has to be implemented immediately.

101. Para-medical staff must be appointed/trained to man the existing Hospitals and further that will be constructed to0 fulfill the ratio of bed 01 to 100 workmen.

102. Hospital should be equipped with latest equipment and treatment including all specialize treatment.

103. At unit level, all best quality medicine should always be available properly and regularly including maternity services and minimum staff at per N.C.W.A-II must be maintained.

104. Considering the disease if it does not cure within normal period, not only the workers, but also the dependants of workers should be sent for supper specialist treatment of workers choice and in needed to foreign countries at the management’s cost. The attendant must be granted special leave and paid TA & DA and should be allowed to travel in the same class with patient. In case Attendant being non-employee must be paid some class Train Fare of patient and full payment of Lodging and Boarding.

105. The School Teachers also working in privately managed Schools and getting allowance from the management of Coal Company and their dependants should be allowed to have free medical treatment in company’s Hospital/Dispensaries.

106. The Specialist and super Specialist Doctors in Area Hospital and referred Hospital should be appointed.

107. The per capita per annum expenditure on Medical Services excluding capital expenditure, salaries and other establishment cost should be Rs.2,500/- (Rupees Two thousand five hundred only).

108. The medical Dressers are provided with dress, but shoes are not provided to them. They should be provided with shoes.


In order to full implementation of clause 10.5.0 of N.C.W.A.-V more number of pneumoconiosis Specialist should be maintained.

110. Chronic Bronchitis (with Chronic obstructive long disease) Broncho Asthama, pain or other diseases arising out of stopping, two injury and knee joint pain, etc, Should be treated as occupational diseases.

The provisions of special half pay leave for diseases, i.e. heart, Renal, TB, Leprosy, camer, paralysis, Brain disorder/Psychosis, HIV etc. should be expanded and the following diseases should be added.

  • Asthema 2. Epilepsy 3. Alzheimer 4. parkinson’s 5. Spinal/nerves

related 6.Ineurable eye & skin diseases.


111. Educational facilities as contained in NC.W.A.-III, IV/ and VIII should be fully implemented including all type of Schools in Coal Mines/Area, etc.

112. The teachers working in privately managed Committee School/Aided Schools in Colliery getting normal allowances should be taken over on Company’s roll with all benefits like other workers including Grade and Scale of pay.

113. For Literacy, all workers should be given education free and for whole period full wages should be paid by management under Adult Education/Literacy Scheme.

114. Apprentice/Trainees should be recruited and preference should be given to dependants of workers.

115. proper educational facilities to workers and their children should be made available up to the highest level including educational leave to workers and all costs should be borne by management.

116. The coverage of NIT College should be widen for the higher education of the Workmen’s Children. At present no institute form Madhya

Preadesh and many other states are not included in the list. HKMF (HMS) demands that the Coverage of this scheme should be extended to such. Institutes that offer a recognized Degree/Diploma/ITI, Including open and distant learning system and which is acceptable in the Coal Indai Limited for the purpose of recruitment.


All willing workers including piece rated workers should be given training for their carrier growth so that thay can rise to the maximum.

118. Although agreed N.C.W.A –III and IV, it is systematically being violated and workers are being deprived.


Every Colliery/Establishment should have a canteen to be run departmentally.

120. All those Canteen workers either engaged by Contractors or co-operations, etc., should be taken over on Company’s Roll.


At every pit/OCP or near about, pit head bathing facilities should be provided with running water and kept neat and clean with proper privacy.

122. Various activities undertaken by the erstwhile Coal Mines Labour Welfare Organization such as preventive Health Care, including Malaria, Fileria, Family welfare, welfare M.P.I Games and Sports Cultural Programmes, Adult Educations have deteriorated in violation of N.C.W.A which should be specifically improved.

123. More number of sweepers should be appointed and norms for deployment of Sweepers should be fixed.

124. Multipurpose Institute should be established in each Colliery.

125. More number of Holiday Homes/Rehabilitation Centre should be established as per N.C.W.A-V

126. Crèche House and Ladies Lavatory should be established with all amenities at each units where female workers have been working.

127. The workers who have adopted family Planning Scheme after two issues should be granted extra 02 increment and who have adopted the same after one issues should be allowed 04 extra increment and Tour with family up to 2000 kms.

128. As Clause 8.1.2 of N.C.W.A-IV has been violated Community Centres must be established at all Collieries, establishment and at Area Office with all requisites provisions. Decision of CIL Welfare Board should in this respect be implemented Clause 8.1.2 of N.C.W.A-IV.


The existing Life cover scheme should be enhanced to Rs.1, 50,000/-.

130. All retired workers should be paid Train Fare and transport charge for all of his dependants including himself to reach his home or place of destination.

131. In addition to the Compensation Act, an ex-gratia amount of Rs.3,00,00 in each case of death or permanent total disablement resulting on account of accident should be paid to the workman or his or her hair.

132. All the benefits under Clause 9.2.0 should continue.

133. All employees should be treated as on duty till he/she reaches the work place or residence for the purpose of Workmen’s Compensation Act. All type of Clerks should be included for workmen Compensation Act.


Gratuity should be paid at the rate of 30days wages for every year of service and there should be no ceiling of Gratuity amount payable against retirement.

135. The workers governed by Civil Service Gratuity Riles shall be covered by payment of Gratuity Act.

136. All Medical facilities including specialist service should be extended to retired workers and their dependants like Government employees. It is earlier agreed but being violated.

137. All benefits as per N.C.W.A.-III should continue for Gratuity purposes.

138. The payment of Gratuity and all other dues including provident fund should be paid on the day of Retirement.


The employers must pay such amount to the pension fund of C.M.P.F. so that retiring employees get pension @ 50% of last drawn wages. The amount of pension be linked with D.A.

140. The pension scheme must be amended in Agreement with all Trade Unions/Organizations representing in J.B.C.C.I.

141. Like workers the employers must contribute 2% of wages towards the pension fund as agreed earlier in principle.


If any workers is declared permanently disabled/unfit for his normal duty by Government Hospital or any Registered Medical Practioner, one dependant should be given employment instead of present practice of Company’s Medical Board.

143. If workers retires voluntarily within 58 years of age, one of his dependant should be given employment as per unanimous decision of J.B.C.C.I.

144. For the purpose of employment of dependant along with others married daughter, married daughter –in-law, grandson, grand daughter, nephew and sister or nearest family member should also be included.

145. If any female worker desires to voluntarily retire one of the dependent should be given employment without any condition.

* In Clause 9.5.0(iii) of N.C.W.A.-VI, unmarried daughter also should be added

With son and be kept on Live Roster for attaining 18 years age for employment.

146. The dependants should be provided with employment within one month of the workmen being declared disabled/unfit and in case of death, it must be done within 15 days. Limited or higher age to be up to 45 years.

147. Physically Handicapped dependants must be given employment in suitable job, but must not be refused employment on any pretext.


Workers working in the permanent nature of job through or engaged by contractors should be taken over on roll of management.

149. Disputes alleged of contractor’s workers now pending at different levels including Tribunal should be settled and such workers should be taken over on Company’s Roll.

150. ASSAM :

In North Eastern Coalfields, Assam workers working under Russain method (C.K. Cield method, Flexible method and under flexible) should be placed in minimum technical and other supervisory workers should be placed in higher grade.

151. In Assam Mines as six months is Rainy season and water percolates from root, workers should be given rain Coal, Cap, Gum Boot and all other preventive materials.

152. As higher rate of pay than all India is paid to Assam workers, the same proportionate higher rate should be given to piece rated workers of Assam, and should be incorporated in the Agreement.

153. The Chief Administrative Officer of north Eastern Coalfileds should be shifted from Guwahati to Margarita.


The existing benefits and facilities not covered or altered should continue.

155. All anti-labour and anti-union clauses in recently certified Standing Orders of all subsidiaries must be withdrawn as it imposes new service condition against Supreme Court decision and takes away workers existing rights and having no bearing with Model Standing Order.

156. Full payment for all the unavailed accumulated leave, sick leave and casual leave should be made at the time of retirement, disablement or death,etc.

157. In case a worker including piece rated is given light job or alternate employment for any reason should be given protection of wage should be made permanent.

158. All casual, temporary and badly workers should be made permanent.

159. No Income Tax should be deducted from coal workers.

160. Co-operative Stores should be set up at all units which should sell essential commodities on credit and price to be recovered from next salary.

161. Without agreement, no new rules or restriction should be introduced and vigilance clearance for promotion should be stopped as per J.B.C.C.I. decision.

162. All essential commodities including rice, wheat, dal, sugar, edible oil, clothes, milk and soap, etc, should be supplied by the management to all family members of workers at subsidized rate.

163. Any puce Quarter of the Company if not required by the Company and remain unused, workers willing to purchase such Quarters should be allowed to purchase such Quarter on seniority basis.

164. Contractor’s workers must be paid from the Company’s premises under the supervision of Company’s Officers.

165. Contractor’s workers performing the same job like Departmental workers should be paid the same wages as Departmental workers.

166. Paternity Leave should be given to all Male workers for one month when he needs.

167. The Nursing staff (Female & Male) and other para-medical staff other then Doctors should be given non-practicing allowances at a rate par with Central Government Doctors.

168. The Nurses who do not reside with their family members should be paid Messing Allowances or all arrangement for their messing system should be paid.


Six hours shifts must be introduced instead of eight hours.

170. The jobs not covered yet should be categorized and job description (……...)

171. Annual Bonus should be paid @20% without any ceiling to all workers irrespective of salary limit including contractor workers.


House Building Loan should be extended to all workers including dally rated and piece rated workers with easy condition and without interest irrespective of situation of land by framing rules jointly and also to decided amount for different grade/category/piece rated workers.

173. Loan should be granted for all workers for purchase of sector, Motor Cycle and Bicycle.

174. Marriage advance equal to least 18 months pay and any other advances that may be required should be extended to all workers.

175. Festival Advance should be given to all workers.

176. Loan amount sanctioned from C.M.P.F should be recovered from the salaries on monthly basic.


Highest priority should be given to safety in order avoid any accident.

178. Pit Safety Committee, area level and Company Safety Committee should be activised and all their recommendations should be implemented.

179. Specific measures should be taken to save the Environment of the mines and save habitants from pollution.

180. All underground workers, wagon loaders and others who are working with dust should be given four cakes of best quality of soaps every month.


In the changed situation, to face the challenges a harmonious industrial relation is the need of the day. A sound system should be evolved by mutual agreement which will expeditiously settle the grievances/disputes at all level and delaying tactics is removed. In case of deliberate violation of the agreed points find place in N.C.W.A-IX the concerned officers/staff of the management be dealt with suitably.

182. No wages should be deducted from workers for any type of strike call.


The coal Management must create new job opportunities. Besides, it must develop ratio, i.e. nexus between production investment and employment.

184. One job per one acre or part of land purchased/acquired should be given like past practice to the owner or his nominee.


The spate of mechanization should be rationalized in the manner that no machine should displace any worker for the work which could be done by conventional method.

186. There should be effect fro optimum utilization machine.

187. Only with the Agreement with the Unions, the mechanization should be introduced.


Workers participation in Management should be introduced at all level.

189. No Mine/Establishments should be closed without agreement with the unions.


Move to hand over any existing unit of any type or any units which may be established/commissioned in future connected with coal industry to private sector should be stopped with written undertaking.

191. Collections having sufficient reserve of coal must not be closed and those already closed/stopped must be re-opened immediately.

192. Stop retirement under VRS of coal workers and arbitrary reduction of man power in coal industry which has already reduced underground and working area.

193. Restore budgetary support to Coal India and sanction immediately. Investment of capital for revival of sick coal units of the company with new working area.

194. Immediately withdraw the coal mines Nationalization (Amendment) Bill 2000 now pending before the parliament.

195. Stop out sourcing of coal mines by contractors and these should be run Departmentally.

196. Those Coal Blocks and closed mines given to different state Governments must be taken back and handed over to Coal India Ltd. And its subsidiaries.

197. Restore the custom duty on imported coal to the level of 1989-90.

198. The Tripartite settlement dated 01-08-02 reached before CLC (C ) must be implemented in toto.

199. Coal India should be made unitary Coal Company (Instead of Holding Company) for faster development of coal industry in India.

200. Strong action should be taken against corruption, theft and malpractices and illegal mining in coal industry.

201. Adequate fund be provided for Research and Technology so that continuous dependants on foreign technology may be avoided.

202. Coal India should set up plants for manufacture of machineries such as continuous miners, long wall, etc. on war footing. If singarani can manufacture why not Coal India which is not taking any initiative. This will be much cheaper.


Bharat Darshan for employee which was being conducted by the then Coal Mines Labour Welfare Organization but discontinued by Coal India. Bharat Darshan for employees and their family members should be reintroduced with new provisions and facilities which should be worked out jointly.

204. WAGE:

Electrician and others who are required wireman permint their category and grade must be higher than present since they are to obtain Technical Education.

They all should be monthly rated and not daily rated.

All Assistant Foremen should be monthly rated.

205. In order to attract specialist Doctors and Doctors non-practicing allowance should be paid to them at the same rate as Central Government Doctors/Medical Officers.

206. Medical Attendance Rules was framed in 1981 and though rates of Medical expenditure were revised in 1999 has become outdated.

New Medical Attendance Rule should be framed in consultation with trade Union representatives of J.B.C.C.I Because some provisions of Medical attendance Rule are the most discriminatory.

► Children of workmen if getting higher or better education and could not reside with parents for the want of better institute in coalfields or availability of subject will not get any reimbursement for the cost of treatment.

► The worker family with the worker on leave will not get any reimbursement for treatment in case of failing ill or meeting with accident.

► A worker appointed under 9.4.0 can not get treatment of his unmarried sister/younger Brother, dependent to his mother/father.

► A worker has to get treatment only in government hospital while in leave, though entitled for treatment in referral hospitals.

► An employee appointed under 9.4.0 will not able to get treatment of his/her mother because they may be getting more than 1500/- as pension.

In view of above it is demanded that NCWA-IX must address these provisions and specific remedies with appropriate condition shall be incorporated in the agreement.

207. In the cases where the attendant of the patient referred to a referral Hospital is an employee, he/she should get special leave and D.A.

208. Specialist, more Doctors and para-medical staff should be provided to each subsidiary in proportion to the manpower.

209. Special Leave for Union Leaders: Two representatives of the Union from each unit/colliery and two members from the Central Committee in the subsidiary companies of CIL as per the list submitted by the President/General Secretary of the Union/Federation should be granted special leave with all benefits. The number of day should not be less than 10 days for the National Conference/Convention/Camp, 5 days for the state level programme and 3 days for the Union programme.

210. Retirement Age of the workmen of coal Industry should be 62 years.

211. ADVANCES: To purchase or to construct a house an advance upto Rs.10,000,00 (Ten Lakhs) should be paid to a workman.

► To purchase a four wheeler an advance upto Rs.50, 000, 00/- (Five Lakhs) should be paid to a workman.

► To purchase a computer/laptop an advances upto Rs.50, 000/- (Fifty thousand) should be paid a workman.

212. REWARDS: An achievement in sports should be rewarded with monetary benefits along with special increments, promotions etc.


Union representative should be included in the taskforce for implementing corporate Social Responsibility.


Huge transfers from surplus funds generated by recurring profit by CIL were made to COAL Videsh. While coal blocks are given to private playersit is an unfair act to acquira mines on foreign soal by the hard earned money of coal workers. The transfer of funds should be reversed and investments should be made in the underground mines of India.

Copy forwarded to:-

The Chairman-cum-Managing Director,

Eastern Coalfields Ltd. (ECL),



Dist-Burdwan ( West Bengal)


2- The Chairman-cum-Managing Director

Bharat Cokinf Coal Ltd, (BCCL),

Koyala Bhaban,


Dist-Dhanbad (Jharkhand)


3- The Chairman-cum-managing Director

Central Coalfields Ltd (CCL)

Darbhanga House,

Po- & Dist-Ranchi, (Jharkhand)


4- The Chairman-cum-managing Director

Coal Mines Planning & Design Institute Ltd,

Gondwana Palace, Kanke Road,

Ranchi (Jharkhandi).


5- The Chairman-cum-managing Director

Western Coalfields Ltd (WCL),

Coal Estate, Nagpur

Civil Line

Nagpur-440001 (Maharastra)


6- The Chairman-cum-managing Director

South Eastern Coalfields Ltd, (SECL)

Seepat Road

PO-& Dist-Bilaspur (Chhatisgarh)


7- The Chairman-cum-managing Director

Mahanadi Coalfield Ltd (MCL)

Jagruti Vihar, Burla

Sambalpur (Odisha)


8- The Chairman-cum-managing Director

Northern Coalfield Ltd (NCL)

Po & Dist-Singrauli (Madhya Pradesh)


9- The Chairman-cum-managing Director.

Coal India Ltd,

North Eastren Coalfield Ltd (NEC)


Dist-Tinsukia ( Assam)